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The Austrian Retreat Report 2023

Published on 05.01.2024 by Teresa Kuen

How did we collect and evaluate the data?

Reisigo analyzed over 200 retreats by Austrian planners for 2023. By planners we mean yoga teachers and studios who independently plan and organize yoga retreats. Our data comes from various internet sources, such as: B. We have created an internal database for the evaluation. The report excludes retreats hosted by travel companies or traditional retreat centers.

What is a yoga retreat for us?

A yoga retreat is a place where people retreat from everyday life for several days or weeks to practice yoga and focus on their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Yoga retreats unite body and soul, they are not a conventional journey but one whose goal is the self.

What do you do on yoga retreats?

To achieve this goal, additional workshops are offered in addition to the most popular yoga styles Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha. Through journaling, dancing or painting, people get to know themselves on a deeper level.

Where do yoga retreats take place?

It is well known that self-discovery is easier in a relaxed atmosphere, which is why 79% of retreats take place in hotels (and 21% in private accommodation). Often in spa hotels with plenty of wellness and hiking options.

According to our collected data, the top 5 accommodations are:

  • Tauss Winery
  • Parkhotel Hirschwang
  • Falkensteiner Ladera Croatia
  • Strandhotel-Weissensee
  • Villa Solstice

The country of Austria with its varied mountain, forest, meadow and lake landscapes offers everything your heart desires. Which is why 67% of the retreats planned in Austria are held domestically, the remaining 33% abroad.

2/3 of the retreats take place in Austria

Wishes for sea or desert silence are also fulfilled.

The 5 most popular destinations outside Austria are:

  • Greece
  • Morocco
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Spain

Who are the planners, where are they from and how many retreats do they plan per year?

71% of retreats are planned by studios and 29% by studio independents. Most planners work in Vienna and organize an average of 3.2 retreats per year.

When do retreats take place and how long do they last?

Most retreats are (in order) in June, October and July, making summer and fall the peak travel times. On average a retreat lasts 4 nights.

What are the investment and compensation?

Creating space for calm, strength and connection requires the investment of energy and capital. According to our data, the average retreat price is €784 per person, with yoga teachers being paid a total of €327 per person. The share of yoga lessons accounts for 42% of the price.

A retreat night costs an average of €193 per person, of which the yoga teachers earn an average of €81 per day per person.

On average, 8 - 14 people travel. In 30% of retreats, yoga teachers receive support from other planners for larger groups or special workshops.

The Austrian retreat planners have already been busy in 2023 and will certainly remain so.

A safe companion is always an official tour operator like Reisigo. We take care of the legal formalities and processing, so you can concentrate on what's important!